The Family Medicine – Primary Care Clinic is your doorway to wide-ranging medical care for your entire family – from newborns to seniors. Our primary care physicians are knowledgeable, compassionate, and accessible. They are experts in managing the care plans and commercial insurance.

We provide primary care expertise in a full-service clinic and offer a broad spectrum of health services, ranging from preventive care to chronic disease management. If specialty care is needed, our physicians will provide a referral while continuing to manage your overall care.


Our Services

The aim of the Family Medicine Primary Care Clinic at Vegas Health is to deliver the best medical care available to families and individuals for their every stage of life. Our physicians and health care professionals will take time to focus on your health concerns.

Adult Medicine

We offer wide-ranging health screenings, preventative care, management of diabetes, heart conditions and various chronic conditions impacting adults.


Family Medicine

Vegas health endeavors to stay on the front line of the most recent improvements in Family Medicine. We offer a wide scope of administrations for patients, all things considered.


In the initial years of your child’s development, you will require regular visits with a Provider for vaccinations and care for development milestones. Vegas health will provide you with valuable information about your child’s Nutrition, Health, and Fitness.

Women’s Health

We cater to long term medical treatment in conditions including Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts and cancer, Infertility, Hysterectomies, Menopause and many more.



Ensuring your youngster's immunizations are cutting-edge is significant in light of the fact that a kid safe framework isn't sufficiently developed to fight off specific infections. Immunizations set up the body to battle diseases before you become ill by building the body's regular insusceptibility to an infection. This assists with holding your kids back from becoming ill and spreading sicknesses.

Wellness & Nutrition

At Vegas health, we help you in setting goals and tracking your progress to a healthier, happier, better version of yourself. Are you suffering from constant fatigue, digestive issues or aches and pains? We offer vitamin shots and IV drips that can help you feel better instantly. Set up a consultation with one of our professionals to determine what is best for you.